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Caravan to Monterey Historics 

Date:     Saturday August 15, 2009

Time:     7:00 am - 5:00 pm


Starting Location: Full of Beans Coffee Shop, 113 Esplanade, Aptos, CA 95003


Please plan to arrive at or before 7AM as we will need to leave around
7:15AM to get to Laguna Seca early enough so as not to park out in the


Here's a link to a google map with directions:




For those who might not be able to meet for the caravan but would still like
to park with the group we'll be stopping at the parking lot at WebLOC on the
way.  We should arrive at WebLOC at around 8:00AM.  Those planning to meet
up with the caravan there please let me know so that we will not leave you
behind.  Thanks George Sidman for offering the convenient parking location.


I suppose we should talk about getting together some time during the day ...
after the Porsche Parade Laps, say 1:15PM.  If we do park close to the track
we can meet at the "corral" ... otherwise we can meet at the base of the
Bridgestone bridge on the paddock side.  Here again, I'm just tossing
something out for discussion.  If anyone has any details on other possible
meeting place and time, please pass them along!  This will be a good
opportunity for pictures.


Steve Buchholz


Here's the schedule from the website:


Saturday, August 15

 8:45AM - 11:10AM      Warm-Up by Race Group 1A-6A

11:10AM - 11:15AM      Fisker Introduction Laps

11:15AM - 11:35AM      Warm-Up Group 7A

11:35AM - 11:40AM      Devon GT Introduction Laps

11:40AM - 12:00PM      Warm-UP Group 8A

12:00PM - 1:00PM       Lunch Break

12:20PM - 12:40PM      Porsche Race Car Parade Honoring Bob Carlson and Bob
Snodgrass (3 laps)

12:40PM - 12:55PM      Porsche Exhibition Laps

 1:00PM - 1:05PM

 1:10PM                National Anthem

 1:15PM                Race 1A (10 Laps) Group 1A 1904-1940 Sporting Cars

 1:45PM                Race 2A (10 Laps) Group 2A 1925-1949 Racing &
Sporting Cars

 2:15PM                Race 3A (10 Laps) Group 3A 1948-1955 Sports Racing &
GT Cars under 1500cc

 2:40PM                Porsche Demonstration Laps

 2:50PM                Race 4A (10 Laps) Group 4A 1955-1961 GT Cars under

 3:20PM                Race 5A (10 Laps) Group 5A 1955-1961 Sports Racing
Cars under 2000cc

 3:50PM                Race 6A (10 Laps) Group 6A 1955-1961 Sports Racing
Cars over 2000cc

 4:15PM                Race 7A (10 Laps) Group 7A 1964-1971 FIA Mfg.
Championship Cars

 4:40PM                Race 8A (10 Laps) Group 8A 1981-1990 FIA Mfg.
Championship & IMSAGTP Car



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