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Thu Aug 13 17:46:42 PDT 2009

I have to admit it is a WAG … so few folks have given a definite thumbs up … 


I suspect that there will be more attending the event at 034 Motorsport on Sunday … I feel fairly confident we’ll have 8-10 urqs attending … with the hope of a few more than that.  I believe most will be local cars, but I know at least one person who is planning to drive in from out of state.  There were others who wanted to attend from far away, but most have found it will not work for them this time.  I appreciate you and the others who have considered making the trip … it is great to see that you trust your car enough to be able to consider driving down here on short notice!  J


If you do want to go to the Historic Races, we’re meeting outside the track at George Sidman’s offices, which are down the road from the track … Saturday 8AM.  No worry about tickets, you can buy them at the gate.  Sunday we’re doing a 2 hour drive starting at 10AM  … something that may not sound like fun after the drive from Portland … you can just drive down to 034 Motorsport at 11AM and we’ll see you there!  


Steve Buchholz



Anyone from Portland going, I'm still pondering...last minute of course, bu i think t would be a blast to actually see other with URQ's...


Since I Rarely see them here!


Whats the head count right now? Anyone know? roughly?



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