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... thought I'd pass this along ... Arun, it looks like they will be tying
this year's event to the Pikes Peak Hillclimb ... I still feel a bit bad
about you driving up there by yourself last year!

I'm still wanting to set up some sort of event in our area this year.  I've
talked to Javad and Sia from the NorCal Audi Club ... both say they're
interested and will support.  If anyone can help make it happen I would
really appreciate hearing from you!  I even talked to an urq owner in Idaho
... he told me that if we put something together he'll come out for it ...
same message from another urq owner in Las Vegas ... 

Steve Buchholz

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The Colorado urq contingent is at it again.  Mark your calendars, replace
your vacuum lines, grab your multi-meter, and get ready to run through a few
of those big 23.8 gallon tanks by coming to beautiful Colorado Springs,
Colorado.  URQ26 planning is underway - here is some preliminary info
excerpted from AW: 

The group wants to keep it a bit quiet until some sponsorship details are
worked, but here is what we have "for sure" so far. 

Tuesday 7/14- Thurs 7/16, PPIR has been reserved. We would like to get a
driving event, but those details are not finalized. Friday there is a NASCAR

Saturday, 7/18. Events around the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Lots
possibilities here, details being discussed. Count on a banquet in the

Sunday, 7/19. All day. The race to the clouds on Pikes Peak. Group events
are being discussed, but possibilities include a parade up the mountain to
reserved parking, etc. (How cool would it be to see 50 ur quattros parade up
Pikes Peak?) 

There is much more happening behind the scenes. Colorado Springs is an
incredible place to plan a vacation, with lots to do in and around for the
whole family. With the economy as it is, the city is going way out of its
way to make large groups welcome with discounted hotels, organized tours,
etc. Even more than last year, we are working to make this a very family
oriented event, so talk to yours wives and kids. 

Want one more reason to come? It is rumored (I was told by the owner that it
is definite, but will just say "rumored" now) that a VERY nice ur quattro
will be RAFFLED OFF! 

Also with the larger scope of the event, we are trying to get this to be
more than just an ur quattro specific and more of an international event.
Spread the word and watch  <http://www.urq25.com/> http://www.urq25.com (for
now) for more info. Prices are yet to be announced, but will include
admittance to the activities, ticket to the hill climb, raffle, etc. 

There will likely be a press release issued for this along the name, etc.,
but it is important to get some of the word out ASAP so that we can plan
vacations. I'm sure I will get some emails from others in the group
organizing about letting the cat out of the bag, but need gets this kicked
off one way or another... 

And a linky: 

Can we beat 36?

'84 ur
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