[ba] Parting out URS4 anyone need anything?

frankracing frankracing at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 20:37:30 PST 2009

I have a 93 S4, much of the good stuff is gone, but still have koni yellows
on the rear, big front sway bar, I think I have a big rear sway bar. 6
speed, motor with forged rods and dished and balanced pistons.  Some other
weird stuff, most of the stuff for nitrous. A 6 channel temperature meter
that fits where the ash tray goes.  A large Gretty type R bov.  Intake with
a carbon fiber bmc airbox and a large, 4in on the inlet and around 3.5 on
the outlet hot plate maf with a split second reprogrammer, it's been mapped
to output the same as a stock maf.  We are taking stuff of the car this
weekend, if anyone wants to come and take a look, contact me directly.  It's
in Fremont.

Trevor Frank

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