[ba] Parting out URS4 anyone need anything?

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Sat Jan 31 12:01:48 PST 2009

motor is gone for 400 With spec clutch and alum flywheel AND FORGED RODS.. Six speed gone for 1200. big rear sway bar gone for 200.  everything must go this weekend. give me a call if you need anything. junker is picking it up monday. 408 466 4400 

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I have a 93 S4, much of the good stuff is gone, but still have koni yellows
on the rear, big front sway bar, I think I have a big rear sway bar. 6
speed, motor with forged rods and dished and balanced pistons.  Some other
weird stuff, most of the stuff for nitrous. A 6 channel temperature meter
that fits where the ash tray goes.  A large Gretty type R bov.  Intake with
a carbon fiber bmc airbox and a large, 4in on the inlet and around 3.5 on
the outlet hot plate maf with a split second reprogrammer, it's been mapped
to output the same as a stock maf.  We are taking stuff of the car this
weekend, if anyone wants to come and take a look, contact me directly.  It's
in Fremont.

Trevor Frank

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