[ba] GRM @ UPG NorCal 2009

urq urq at pacbell.net
Wed Jul 29 08:53:07 PDT 2009

As some of you may have noticed, thanks to Jim F the folks at Grassroots
Motorsports are interested in covering the UPG NorCal 2009 events.  I've
been contacted by two people, one who is talking about the Saturday trip to
the Monterey Historics, and the other who will cover the Sunday goings on at
034 Motorsport.  


There's nothing like learning about this sort of thing a couple weeks before
the actual event J but it also means that we should do what we can to
formalize things.  To date I've been treating the event rather informally,
not particularly pushing people to get back to me about what events they
will be attending or how many cars will be there.  As you might imagine,
that's exactly the sort of info GRM is looking for . so please, if you are
thinking about showing up for either or both events please let me know ASAP.


Along the lines of formalization, the GRM folks want me to sign up our
"club" with their site.  Even though the "UPG" has been in place for over 5
years now (it was a bit of a surprise to me to realize this, but that's what
I found from going through e-mails) it has been quite informal to date.  The
most formal we've gotten was for last year's gathering in Colorado, and I'll
be in touch with Peter and the others for their advice on what "club" I
should enter.  Of course list members are free to post their tuppences in
this as well .


It is exciting to me to have this opportunity, and I'm sure that we'll do
urq-dom proud . J


Steve Buchholz

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