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marc dietrich audinut2 at hotmail.com
Sun May 31 21:49:30 PDT 2009

  > Let's say that you wanted to plan a fun drive that concluded at 034
> Motorsports . what route would you recommend?
>  Steve,
      Thats a good question, I would have thought that by now someone would have come
   up with an idea, so I will toss in one that could be done in 3 different routes, but end at the same place, I did run this by Tony Lum, he said it sounded good.
  This route could start anywhere in the bay area and finish at O34. 
   580 East to were it turns into I-5 (south of Tracy) continue south on I-5 to the Patterson exit, Sperry rd./Del Puerto Canyon rd. (fuel and food at or near this exit), head west on Del Puerto Canyon rd, it will turn into San Antonio rd. and then into Mt. Hamilton rd., Mt. Hamilton rd. to Alum Rock ave. make left, road goes to 680, head North to Automall and 034.*
> Little Shorter
  580 East to I-5 south to Corral Hollow, exit I-5, make right (no service here) follow road it will turn into Tesla in Livermore, make left on Mines rd., it will turn into San Antonio into Mt Hamilton to Alum Rock rd. **
 580 west to Greenville rd. exit, at Greenville,(services here) make right, follow to Tesla, make right, drive to Mines rd, make left, and same as above one will end up at 680.**

* I have driven this route from I-5 to 680, wow, good run, road was in good shape and paved all the way, almost no traffic till San Antonio/Mines road fork, Quattro road, good handle car a must, time I recall was an 1hr, 30 min or less, total run could be be around 3hr.
 ** I have not driven this route(s) to junction were Mines rd meets San Antonio,  but this is closer to  Tracy and Livermore, bicyclist are (can be) heavy in this area, as you know Motorcyclist  like Mt. Hamilton and have no problem sharing the road.

 If these routes sound, and is chosen let me know and I could meet up with the group and run in to 034, yes I have a quattro.
 Marc Dietrich
> Steve Buchholz
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