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Edwards, Dave Dave_Edwards at iOra.com
Fri Aug 2 10:04:12 EDT 2002

Is this pump on the driver's side? I just wonder why we don't get reports of
this fault in the UK. I use my headlight washers very frequently.

'02 S4 Avant (with the steering wheel on the wrong side ;-)

P.S. Walter, surely there's a dealer around that you trust? Maybe I'm lucky
that my local Audi dealer is very good. They are so good that they have a
service where they collect customers cars from quite far away, in the
'regions' of dealers who don't have such a good reputation. In their place I
would do the same.

Having said that all the serious work done on my car (including service) is
done by the independent tuner who has done all my mods. I have to travel a
bit to get there (and I have to hire a car myself for the duration), but at
least I know that my car's in good hands.


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Too much of a hassle to DIY, in my opinion.  Quick repair for someone who
does it all the time and has developed proficiency.  The housing of the
headlight washer pump has most likely split (on my third one after only two
uses of the headlight washers).  Simple fix at the dealer, and my dealer
always has a supply on hand because THE DESIGN IS KNOWN TO SUCK!!!!

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well, the oft reported washer leak thingy has struck. night time, lights on,
and I used the washer. a bit later, "BUZZZZZZZZZ" a warning goes off saying
low fluid.

I knew, it had struck.  :(

Is the fix a DIY thing, I hate to bring my baby to the dealer. I know they
will fondle and abuse her when I'm not around.

thanks in advance.

'01 S4

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