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Is there a really easy/safe way to disable the pump? I never, ever use the
headlight washers, and I think I'll be safer (regarding pump failure &
leakage) if I just disable the thing...


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>Headlight washer pump...it truly does suck....I am on my 3rd one also...all
>under warranty.
>Now for the bad news...I am out of warranty and the next time it goes it's
>my nickel...or hundreds of dollars, given Audi parts prices.
>The replacement is really easy to do:
>        -Remove left front tire
>        -remove left wheel well liner, it's just a few screws
>        -remove washer tank mounting bolt from top of tank
>        -pull tank out a bit through wheel well, which gives you access to
>        -install new pump
>        -reverse above steps and you are done....until the next time
>        Richard
>        2000 S-4
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