[BiturboS4] oil temps

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Aug 6 19:26:24 EDT 2002

California Fields writes:
> Hey guys. Since I'm new to owning an S4, I was wondering what oil temperatu=
> res
> you normally see on these cars for everyday driving. The relatively inaccur=
> ate
> guage on the dash seems to indicate about 210F when the car has been fully
> warmed up.  Does that sound right?

It sounds about right... the temps will greatly depend on how you drive.
If you go easy that's where it'd be.  If you drive aggresively and for
a prolonged period of time it could go quite a bit higher.

> I always thought that the manufacturers =
> try
> and put the needles so that they are 90 degress upright (completely vertica=
> l)
> for the normal temps (like the coolant temp)....

Nah.  What's the point of a gauge if the needle just stays in one position?

> Also, at what temp do you recommend getting to before you start driving the
> car hard?

Go easy, wait til you see the needle move off its coldest peg before you
get into boost.

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