[BiturboS4] oil temps

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Aug 6 21:17:25 EDT 2002

Rich Shiba writes:
> On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Ti Kan wrote:
> > > I always thought that the manufacturers =
> > > try
> > > and put the needles so that they are 90 degress upright (completely vertica=
> > > l)
> > > for the normal temps (like the coolant temp)....
> >
> > Nah.  What's the point of a gauge if the needle just stays in one position?
> >
> I think he means that the "normal operating" position is straight up...
> y'know, so you can quickly scan your gauges for abnormal conditions.

Yeah I know, except that oil temperature is unlike coolant temperature.
Coolant temps are regulated to a fairly tight tolerance in modern engines
for fuel econonomy and emissions reasons, but "normal" oil temps can vary
over a wider range.  If you apply that range to the S4's oil temp gauge,
you'd find that it is pretty close to being "in the middle".

Also, the original poster made the remark that the oil temp gauge is
"relatively inaccurate".  I wonder why he believes so.  In my experience
with these gauges I find them to be quite accurate.  Of course the oil
temp also varies over a wide range depending on *where* in the engine
you measure it, but that's the nature of it and you can't blame the gauge.

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