[BiturboS4] Oettinger RE Wheels Available

Kjos' fastwheels3 at attbi.com
Wed Aug 7 18:46:28 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I just replaced my 8"x18" Oettinger RE wheels (1-piece) with Oettinger RZ
(2-piece) wheels. One wheel has a curb rash, but is being repaired by one of
the best wheel guys in the USA. He does plenty of show car wheels and all
the wheels for the local Porsche/Audi dealer. They will be unblemished
wheels when the new owner receives them. I have the new RZ wheel boxes to
ship them in.

If is interested in buying these wheels please contact me privately.

Also, I have a set of stock wheels in mint condition with snow tires (about
75% tread remaining) mounted. If someone is interested in these
wheels/tires, I've been eyeing some 14" Brembo brakes that are too big to
fit 17" wheels. If I sell these wheels & tires I would be "forced" to buy
some 18" snow tires and mount them on my RE wheels with the Brembo brakes
installed. Sure hope no one forces me to take this option.

John Kjos

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