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What?!  345hp/400lbft from just a chip?!  He had an exhaust too,

--- "Edwards, Dave" <Dave_Edwards at iOra.com> wrote:
> David,
> I'd say there's something wrong there. Abt may be one of the
> least
> 'aggressive' chips about, but you still should feel the
> significant torque
> increase. IMO it is difficult to notice the extra high-end
> torque which
> gives the extra 40-50 hp, but the low-to-mid range torque (up
> 25% from 400Nm
> to 500Nm) should be noticable.
> You've done what the tuner should have done: A 'before and
> after' on a
> rolling road dyno. Since your before figures are close to what
> Audi specify,
> it suggests that your after figures are correct. If so then
> the chip has
> clearly not done what the manufacturer intended!
> A boost gauge would be useful here as primarily that is what
> the chip does:
> Increase the boost from the typical 0.7 to 0.8 bar peak to
> around 1.0 bar.
> Without a boost gauge you could use VAG-COM and read the car's
> own boost
> sensor (why Audi didn't therefore give us a boost gauge is
> beyond me).
> It is possible that the chip you have is not suitable for your
> ECU (there
> have been several different ECU releases through the life of
> the Euro S4).
> Unfortunately this case goes to prove how important it is to
> have your car
> chipped at a tuner who has a rolling road. My chip cost me
> about 1600 Euros,
> and that included a before and after dyno plot, where I could
> clearly see
> the results (310 hp and 385
> lbft torque). Even these results were disappointing to me as I
> also had the
> Miltek cat-back fitted. Hopefully it was due to the high temp
> on the run (56
> degrees Celsius air intake) and that my engine was still tight
> (13,000
> miles). Another guy in the UK who has the same chip as me has
> measured
> around 345 hp and over 400 lbft, but his car has done over
> 40,000 miles. I
> have read that Audi engines do take a long time to loosen up!
> I am having the rest of the Miltek system (cats) fitted in a
> couple of
> weeks, and again I will have a before and after dyno plot done
> so that I can
> see the results. I do hope I don't waste my money as it's even
> more than the
> chip!
> Cheers,
> Dave
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> From: "David" <goodson at menta.net>
> To: <biturbos4 at audifans.com>
> Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 10:00:51 +0200
> Subject: [BiturboS4] Abt modification - first impressions
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> --
> I had my Baby modified with the basic 310 hp/500 Nm Abt
> program three weeks
> ago. I live in Spain, but the Abt representative here was out
> of order, so I
> had to go to France (to Viacom Abt, only importer in France)
> to have the job
> done. My impression about the French company is good : they
> seems to be
> serious people, with a nice and clean workshop and they take
> time to talk
> with clients. I brought my car in the morning, spent half an
> hour to chat
> with the technician, and went back in the afternoon to pick up
> the car and
> spent another hour chatting with him. we had a 20 minutes test
> drive
> together too after the mod. My first impression about the mod
> is : Is that
> all ? Yes, it pushes a little bit more, but for 2400 Euros
> (which was about
> 2400 $ at this time) I was expecting something more...
> spectacular. I asked
> them to measure the power and torque before and after
> modification, and they
> did it with an "on board" dyno system (on a freeway) since
> they don't have a
> static dyno rolling road. They told me the figures was not
> absolutely
> precise, but the difference between the "before" and the
> "after" figures
> could be trusted. The results are the following : Before mod :
> max power :
> 266.9 hp at 6090 rpm and max torque :38.19 mkgF at 3801 rpm.
> After mod :
> max power : 317.6 hp at 5530 rpm and max torque :47.83 mkgF at
> 3981 rpm.
> which means a gain of 50.7 hp and 9.64 mkgF.
> Since I've had a real dyno rolling road test here in Spain a
> few months
> before, when I came back I took the car to the same place and
> did another
> test. The results are less optimistic : 261 hp / 418 Nm before
> mod, and 303
> hp / 432.8 Nm after mod. Temperature was 4=BAc higher on the
> second test.
> I'm attaching to this mail the graphs of this test (before and
> after mod). I
> have photoshoped them a little so you can see before and after
> on the same
> graph. Question for the specialists around : what are these
> little
> "accidents" at the beginning of both curves (at around 1000
> rpm for torque
> and 35 km/h for power)? Shouldn't torque be higher after
> modification ? (the
> gain is only 15 Nm). Comments welcome. Next time I will tell
> you about my
> new Stratmosphere short shifter. Adios. David.
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