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John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Fri Aug 16 12:10:49 EDT 2002

Could this be loose jack and tool kit behind the right rear removable
panel?  This stuff could rattle around even if secured with the little
rubber bungee provided.

I thought I had some dash area rattling, but discovered it was just the
junk I was packing in the ash tray.  Still have occasional minor
creaking noise emitting from top of driver's door or thereabouts.  I
just turn up the stereo.

My silver 2001 S4 is all fixed up after I tried it out as a deer hunting
weapon.  Definitely not recommended.  The result - new hood, lights,
radiator, fans, steering gear, painting, etc, etc to the tune of $7066.
Everything seems to be as before the collision - very good body work and
paint match done by Nelson's Auto Body in Glenwood Springs, CO.  Most
importantly - she drives as perfectly as always and all mechanical
aspects seem fine.

Alas, my life is once again complete - and its Friday.  It just doesn't
get much better than this.

John M. Harrison
University of Wyoming
Space Management Office
Facilities Planning
johnmh at uwyo.edu

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I have a similiar problem where, when i go over a slow speed-bump, I
sometiems here a clucnk/thunk from rear door, on the right.  I have no
idea what it is.  Anyone else have this?

Unfortunately, while I'm in Greece with my S4, I have no warranty
coverage.  I have to wait until I get back to the US.  :-P


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