[BiturboS4] left-foot braking & fuel (???) cutoff

Kaido Raiend kaido at eyp.ee
Mon Aug 19 20:11:55 EDT 2002


First of all - I'm not member of this mailgroup - so please include me to CC:
line while replying... THANK YOU!

I tried to search through many mailinglist about left-foot braking issue but
there was no success to my specific problem... and my problem is that when I
apply breaks with left foot while NOT releasing gas pedal there seems to appear
something like fuel cut-off by ECU... I installed on my S4'00 similar switch
known from earlier quattros (had it on my B4'94, S4'94 and now have it also on
my CQ'87) to switch off ABS and ESP but switching off these features doesn't
disable this fuel-cutoff feature/bug ...

Does anybody have solution to this problem? I understand that audi engineers
have built this "feature" to save the transmission from excessive force but
sometimes I still want to use my left foot on ice track or on snow or in similar
condition ...

One thing which I was thinking is maybe to put some additional switch (like
ABS-aus) on wire from break pedal to ECU (at least I think I found one!) but I'm
not sure does it help and I'm bit afraid also about possibility to damage ECU...

thanks in advance!

best regards,

kaido at S4'00ABTchipped at 227kW

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