[BiturboS4] left-foot braking & fuel (???) cutoff

Kaido Raiend kaido at eyp.ee
Mon Aug 19 22:07:28 EDT 2002


I subscribed to this mailinglist so I'll try to keep eye on discussion...

TO: Steven - thank's for idea - I'll test it ...  but it's not solution to my
problem because THEN I'd need to learn "S4-specific" driving-tehnique which
might be quite dangerous if I'm not used to it AND i'm driving different cars
from different makers... in fact with an another car (I'd better not mention the
make of a car  in this group ;) if I drive on gravel, it's very useful  to use
left-foot baking in some conditions...

Ok - I'll try your suggestion because I'm curious...  And if no one (even Darin
;) can give me advice I'll try to disconnect wire prom brake-pedal to ECU and
see if it helps and hope it will not destroy anything esle ;)))

TO: Amer:

This fuel-cutoff situation is not normal...  In fact - when I first tried to use
left-foot braking I got to quite dangerous situation because i wanted to brake
only with very-very small "amount" of brakes applied... because I'm never heard
before that this could lead to loss of power from engine I couldn't be prepared
for this... so I drove towards slight corner and applied brakes which lead to
powerloss from engine, which means that engine-power didn't equalize
brakeing-power anymore which means
A) I braked too much
B) I lost turbo pressure
C)  Even more - it takes 2-3 seconds to "restore" engine and about 1-1,5 seconds
more before turbo "pressures-up"

so it was NOT pleasant experience ...

Just to conclude - left-foot braking IS normal and I'll find a way to make it
work on S4 also...

btw - my previous S4 (urS4) behaved very well and normally while I used
left-foot braking...

best regards,


Steven Lin wrote:

> BTW, I've also heard that there's NO problem stepping on the gas with
> the brake already applied.
> Steven
> Amer Saleh writes:
> > Yep that is normal....Braking with the foot on the gas
> > will not work.

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