[BiturboS4] left-foot braking & fuel (???) cutoff

Ian McCloghrie ian at codrus.com
Mon Aug 19 13:01:11 EDT 2002

On Aug 19, 2002 Kaido Raiend wrote:

>Ok - I'll try your suggestion because I'm curious...  And if no one (even Darin
> ;) can give me advice I'll try to disconnect wire prom brake-pedal to ECU and
> see if it helps and hope it will not destroy anything esle ;)))

It'd be pretty careful about doing that.  You're likely to impact ABS
and/or brake lights.

> Just to conclude - left-foot braking IS normal and I'll find a way to make it
> work on S4 also...

Left-foot braking is normal for race drivers driving (especially)
turbocharged race cars.  It is most definitely not normal for the
average driving public (well, except for the morons who drive down the
freeway with their left foot resting on the brake pedal all the time).

Audi designed the S4 for the average driver, not for the race driver.

The best place to defeat it would be in the ECU software.  Maybe if
you talk to one of the chip vendors you could get them to include this
in a custom chip?


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