[BiturboS4] Cross post: Chip shoot out in Chicago

Tuan Nguyen tuan at grdperformance.com
Mon Aug 19 19:15:01 EDT 2002

Just in case some of you aren't on the S4chicago group.

It's almost time for the Chicago S4 Chip shootout.  Our dyno is due here
this Monday!  Everyone has probably been wondering what type of
performance they are getting from their chip compared to other brands.
I know I've been pretty curious to see first hand.   We'll be using an
6-speed manual M-Box ecu car as the test car.  So I'll need volunteers
that have ecu with these chips: APR, ABT, MTM, Upsolute, Neuspeed and
whatever else that I may have forgotten.

All information that we will obtain will be posted of course on
Audiworld for others to review.


Tuan Nguyen

Genesis Racing & Development

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