[BiturboS4] Cross post: Chip shoot out in Chicago

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Tue Aug 20 14:23:21 EDT 2002

This was done before and posted on AudiWorld.

I read the FAQ around this. They compared MTM, GIAC, ABT, and APR.
The consensus was that GIAC and MTM produced the highest HP and Torque output.

In fact, I have not purchased a chip for my S4 (but I did chip my Porche 944/951 Turbo with KolKeln - what a difference!)but I have narrowed my choice to the GIAC chip as a result of this FAQ (I also have a TIP, and plan to upgrade to the TIP GIAC chip, as well).

I wish you luck, but I suspect that your findings will produce similar results.


00 S4
86 951 (Porsche)

"Tuan Nguyen" <tuan at grdperformance.com> wrote:

>Just in case some of you aren't on the S4chicago group.
>It's almost time for the Chicago S4 Chip shootout.  Our dyno is due here
>this Monday!  Everyone has probably been wondering what type of
>performance they are getting from their chip compared to other brands.
>I know I've been pretty curious to see first hand.   We'll be using an
>6-speed manual M-Box ecu car as the test car.  So I'll need volunteers
>that have ecu with these chips: APR, ABT, MTM, Upsolute, Neuspeed and
>whatever else that I may have forgotten.
>All information that we will obtain will be posted of course on
>Audiworld for others to review.
>Tuan Nguyen
>Genesis Racing & Development
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