[BiturboS4] Neuspeed exhaust

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 20 14:48:05 EDT 2002

>Anyone had any experience or information on the Neuspeed 3" exhaust for the
>S4? I see that New Dimensions is selling it for $679.  Seems like a good
>as compared to the APR for $989.  I'm actually looking for the quietest one
>can get.

as far as I remember from my days on AudiWorld, the quietest ones tend to be
the more expensive ones.

That ND one you speak of, is very close in price to the Borla I got from
Todd @ A.W.E. However, it's bot quiet, and that's why I got it. I was sick
of not being able to hear the exhaust. the Borla has a great low rumble to
it. very nice.

I think you want the MTM, or Milltek ones. Someting like that.

'01 S4

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