[BiturboS4] Neuspeed exhaust

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Tue Aug 20 16:50:56 EDT 2002

couple questions about the neuspeed exhaust:
- did you feel any difference in performance?
- is the exhaust flanged @ the joints, or does it have slip fittings?


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>Subject: RE: [BiturboS4] Neuspeed exhaust
>Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 11:16:03 -0700
><<Anyone had any experience or information on the Neuspeed 3" exhaust for
>S4? I see that New Dimensions is selling it for $679.  Seems like a good
>as compared to the APR for $989.  I'm actually looking for the quietest one
>can get.
>I have the Neuspeed G2 exhaust - I bought it about 1.5 weeks ago from SPP
>for $600 shipped (I don't know if they're still running that special or
>Install was easy, and the sound is great.  It IS a bit louder than the
>Milltek/MTM (and cheaper), which are the quietest ones I know, but it's
>quieter than any of the UUC exhausts or any of the true duals.  I find the
>sound level to be about perfect - loud enough to hear when I want to, good
>aggressive tone, but quiet enough that people don't notice unless I tell
>them, and quiet enough that it is unobtrusive during normal part-throttle
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