[BiturboS4] Neuspeed exhaust

Chip Goetzinger chip at auguricorp.com
Tue Aug 20 17:12:47 EDT 2002

<<couple questions about the neuspeed exhaust:
- did you feel any difference in performance?
- is the exhaust flanged @ the joints, or does it have slip fittings?


Performance - the proven inaccurate butt-o-meter says the car is a little
more eager at high RPMs - doesn't seem to run out of breath as much.  There
isn't the kind of extra oomph you'd get from a Dorito, though, of course

Joints - the exhaust is 2 piece.  The front piece slip fits into the OEM
clamps (joining to the downpipes) just like the OEM cat-back.  The joint
between the 2 pieces is flanged and takes 2 bolts and a gasket (included).

www.supremepowerparts.com/g2.htm for pictures.


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