[BiturboS4] Stratmosphere S4 Short Shifter - reverse

David goodson at menta.net
Wed Aug 21 12:09:58 EDT 2002

I had my Stratosphere short shifter installed a month ago by my Audi dealer.
they had never seen one before. They told me instalation was quick and easy.
They charged me one hour for the job. Since it's cheap, it could be a good
idea to have your workshop have a look at it? Mine works ok, I asked for the
"regular" short set up, not the supershort. I remember that the difference
between the two set-ups was pretty clear on the directions : the bottom
piece of metal with the hole had to be hole-up for one setting, hole-down
for the other. There is actually some extra effort to shift. Reverse works
ok. (I have the "old" 1999 model). My only disappointment is shifting is not
really faster with the short shifter. It's only more pleasant to use.

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I just installed my Stratmosphere S4 Short Shifter.  The install went
OK.  The directions were good up to where they are showing you the
difference between short throw and super short throw.  Both pictures
looked the same to me.   So I don't know if I am set to short or super
short.  I adjusted it so neutral is right in the middle like the factory
was set.

1st - 6th work great.  Throws are short with a little more effort.  But
reverse is giving me some trouble.  I cannot get the car into reverse
easily.  It takes two hands and some effort.  Anyone else have this
problem or is mine just not adjusted correctly?

'01 S4 6spd  (later version)

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