[BiturboS4] diverter valve choice

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 21 17:16:05 EDT 2002

>Does anyone know the differences in quality and performance of the diverter
>valves out there for our S4s?  I see that Forge and Bailey are commonly
>mentioned but I also see that HyperBoost is being sold.  Are they all
>comparable? Any others I'm missing?
>I heard from APR that they don't recommend replacing the OEM diverter
>anymore because people were having problems with the aftermarket ones too.
>this true?

that's a lotta doodlee-doo you heard from APR. can't imagine them saying
that, actually.

both the Bailey and Forge aftermarket BPVs are liked. I have the baileys but
there are just as many happy Forge owners.

the stock valves are rather cheesey. when I did my swap, i noticed the build
quality of the baileys was much greater. I imagine the Forges would show a
similar upgrade.

the problem with the stock vavles is the cheesey rubber diaphragm that is
VERY prone to ripping and tearing. if so, you are losing boost.

when I put my baileys in, i noticed the difference immediately. so, one (or
both) of mine were failing. I did not tear them apart to check if they were
ripped (no going back if you do), as I wanted to keep them in case I needed
to swap them in for a dealer visit (with turbo problems or the like).

if your stock valves are not presently leaking, you will not notice a
difference upon installation of the Bailey's or Forges.

think of it as an insurance policy.  ;)

'01 S4
Imola Bailey man

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