[BiturboS4] ac hp loss?

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 22 15:30:06 EDT 2002

The compressor turns off under heavy acceleration, so it would be hard to

On a administrative note, is it possible to have messages orginate from
@audifans instead of from the person posting? I don't know how many times I
must have responded to a post, but it only went to the original person posting
and to the whole group since that's the default.
     -Phil P.

--- bernd-vkm <vkm at panix.com> wrote:
>  does anyone know how much hp we loss driving with the ac on?
>  maybe some nice dyno results with and without the ac on.  (Tuan Nguyen,
> sounds like you are the guy for it)
>  just queries :)
>  bernd
>  s4avant6imola

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