[BiturboS4] ac hp loss?

Tuan Tuan at grdperformance.com
Thu Aug 22 17:43:11 EDT 2002

I'll find that out sometime this week or so.  To bad I didn't test when my car was on the dyno today.  I do know that the compressor only shuts down for a very short period.  I ran my car against a budies with the same setup as mine and I had the AC on, he slowly walked away from me up to 120mph, when we shut it down.  When we both ran the AC on, we were just about dead even.
Btw, today on the dyno we tested out the Giac X chip verses the APR 91octane chip.  The APR running the same amount of boost as the Giac X had about 30hp less to the wheels.  Not sure why there is that much of the difference.  But I do notice that when driving on the road.   Could be something wrong with the chip.

Tuan Nguyen
Genesis Racing & Development

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From: Philip Pace <pjpace at yahoo.com>
Date:  Thu, 22 Aug 2002 14:30:06 -0700 (PDT)

>The compressor turns off under heavy acceleration, so it would be hard to
>On a administrative note, is it possible to have messages orginate from
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>--- bernd-vkm <vkm at panix.com> wrote:
>>  does anyone know how much hp we loss driving with the ac on?
>>  maybe some nice dyno results with and without the ac on.  (Tuan Nguyen,
>> sounds like you are the guy for it)
>>  just queries :)
>>  bernd
>>  s4avant6imola
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