[BiturboS4] ac hp loss?

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 22 20:33:49 EDT 2002

And the recipient list gets longer. Now that Tuan replied all to Brian's post,
he's copied on the dual e-mail quandry. And me too. Now whoever reply alls this
message will copy Tuan (twice - one via bi-turbo and once directly), Brian
(twice - one via bi-turbo and once directly), and me (twice - one via bi-turbo
and once directly). See how this spirals? Like a pyramid scheme. And when the
threads are popular and tons of people are responding, it get's pretty stupid.
Anyone want to speculate if what would happen what would happen if my e-mail
program weren't smart enough to know to not add me to the list that I'm
responding too? I'd be added twice. Yes, there are many programs that aren't
this smart.
     -Phil P.

--- Tuan  <Tuan at grdperformance.com> wrote:
> I would just hit reply to all.  :)
> Tuan

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