[BiturboS4] ac hp loss?

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 22 20:45:11 EDT 2002

PERFECT EXAMPLE. See, Ian was kind enough to send me this bit on why I should
reconsider my request. Did anyone else see it? NO - he only hit reply.

This seems valid enough, Ian. But, I'm afraid it's a little outdated; e-mail
has come a long way in three years. When you use an article to back up an idea,
choose one that doesn't cite an essentially obsolete e-mail program: elm.

I agree with the core point - that people should choose who they send responses
to, but in a forum such as this, I do believe that the status quo is to copy
everyone on a given response, since it's essentially a giant slow chat board.
If you want to talk to someone privately, then you should choose that, instead
of it being the default. The way e-mail is set up is that SOMEONE has to be the
primary sender, and I'm just asking that it be biturbo. You can't force people
to chose every recipient every time (per your article's opinion) - that's not
the nature of the beast.

Finally, my apologies to all who don't care, but administrative issues need to
be discussed, and discussing them for a media such as this, it isn't
necessarily fair to take it off-line, since we should all have a say in how
this is run. Or at least an opinion. Sorry to beat the dead horse.
     -Phil P.

--- Ian McCloghrie <ian at codrus.com> wrote:
> On Aug 22, 2002 Philip Pace wrote:
> > On a administrative note, is it possible to have messages orginate
> > from @audifans instead of from the person posting? I don't know how
> > many times I must have responded to a post, but it only went to the
> > original person posting and to the whole group since that's the
> > default.
> This is exactly the wrong way to configure a mailing list.  See
> http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html for details.
> --Ian

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