[BiturboS4] List Settings

Darin Nederhoff editor at s-cars.org
Thu Aug 22 23:32:49 EDT 2002

Philip Pace wrote:

> PERFECT EXAMPLE. See, Ian was kind enough to send me this bit on why I should
> reconsider my request. Did anyone else see it? NO - he only hit reply.
> This seems valid enough, Ian. But, I'm afraid it's a little outdated; e-mail
> has come a long way in three years. When you use an article to back up an idea,
> choose one that doesn't cite an essentially obsolete e-mail program: elm.

Hi Phil and list members,

I don't mean to rain on your parade for change here but there is some logic behind
the current list setup.  For starters, it is basically the 'standard' configuration
for online mailing lists.  All other Audifans mailing lists are configured in the
same manner (dating back prior to 1995).  Also, when all replies go directly to the
list it tends to add a great deal to the signal to noise ratio.  It can also
sometimes result in 'personal' messages being distributed to everyone and their
brother via the list.  Been there, seen that.  ;-)

Just use the reply all feature if you want your reply to go to the author and the
list and simply remove the address of the original post author if you wish to spare
them a double post.  I routinely trim my replies in this manner and I think that if
we can get everyone to do it we'll make out just fine.

Just my .02,


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