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Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 22 22:26:41 EDT 2002

I'm pretty sure I didn't have this problem when the list was on Yahoo. Oh well,
I'll modify my behavior to the best of my ability.

--- Darin Nederhoff <editor at s-cars.org> wrote:
> Philip Pace wrote:
> > PERFECT EXAMPLE. See, Ian was kind enough to send me this bit on why I
> should
> > reconsider my request. Did anyone else see it? NO - he only hit reply.
> >
> > This seems valid enough, Ian. But, I'm afraid it's a little outdated;
> e-mail
> > has come a long way in three years. When you use an article to back up an
> idea,
> > choose one that doesn't cite an essentially obsolete e-mail program: elm.
> Hi Phil and list members,
> I don't mean to rain on your parade for change here but there is some logic
> behind
> the current list setup.  For starters, it is basically the 'standard'
> configuration
> for online mailing lists.  All other Audifans mailing lists are configured in
> the
> same manner (dating back prior to 1995).  Also, when all replies go directly
> to the
> list it tends to add a great deal to the signal to noise ratio.  It can also
> sometimes result in 'personal' messages being distributed to everyone and
> their
> brother via the list.  Been there, seen that.  ;-)
> Just use the reply all feature if you want your reply to go to the author and
> the
> list and simply remove the address of the original post author if you wish to
> spare
> them a double post.  I routinely trim my replies in this manner and I think
> that if
> we can get everyone to do it we'll make out just fine.
> Just my .02,
> Darin
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