[BiturboS4] that is all, carry on.... ;)

John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Fri Aug 23 11:59:29 EDT 2002

Ditto Marc - that dashboard cup holder is a real joke.  And yes, the
door opening springy-hold open thingys are a bit on the stiff side, but
at least the doors open nice and wide and will stay open against a
fairly stiff Wyoming wind.

I love my car, too, in spite of a few minor design annoyances.  I just
need to stop hunting deer with it and keep it out of the body shop long
enough to enjoy it.

Have a good weekend boys.

John M. Harrison  2001 S4 Avant Silver

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Walter,  Tell her that it is the fault of the people who built the car.
I love my car
but I do have several things that drive me nuts.  Who decided to put a
cup holder right
above electrical components especially in an S car?  And whenever you
fling the door
open it and then closes right back on my leg.  And someone needs to
design a seat that
does not allow things to fall between the seat and center console.

OK I'm done.  Sorry I have been bottling that up inside for a while.


Walter J Green Jr wrote:

> well, I *do* have to carry my weight here.
> just wait till i write up my
> story.
> whoa!
> she felt so bad, and said "daddy, i know it was my fault", when it
> She's a good kid.
> S4 content: I'm thinking about a chip, prolly GIAC. heh.
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> >Walter,
> >
> >Your last two posts were entirely sensible. I was worried that you'd
had a
> >lobotomy and we were going to have to live without your sense of
> >But
> >I see that it's still there. That's a relief.
> >
> >DPE
> >
> >S4 Content: None - but at least I'm still posting here...;-)
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> >FWIW, mine is plastic as well.
> >
> >I keep change in it.
> >
> >that is all, carry on....  ;)
> >
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