poop storm re e-mail? (was Re: [BiturboS4] ac hp loss?)

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 23 15:12:15 EDT 2002

>Yeah, have you tried hitting reply?
>So now, because everyone is hitting "reply all", it goes to both me AND the
>list, so I'm getting every message in this thread twice.
>For those not smart enough to figure out what to hit, the information that
>bestow only benefits the original poster, and not the whole group. So then
>probability for the question to be asked again is high. Sorry, but there
>dumb people when it comes to e-mail, though they may be smart with cars. I
>would think that the assumption is that since we're all on a list, that is
>default response. If you want to reply to an individual, their information
>I'll address munging issues in the next e-mail.
>      -Phil P.

wow. there's alotta love in here today....

can you feel it? F E E L the love.

Anyway, happy friday all! Cheers. Soon, real soon, it's beer time!

'01 S4
Imola Hefe-weizen edition

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