[BiturboS4] 10k service - OK

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 23 15:21:22 EDT 2002

>I use Mobil-1 15W50 (red cap) in all my vehicles
>including the S4, mostly from habit.  I know that
>Audi specifies lighter oil for the S4, but I suspect
>that is to try to increase gas mileage.  My '91cq
>has 160k miles on it now, most of it with the 15W50.
>I did try 5W30 on that car when it had 120k, and it
>leaked oil badly and burned up a quart every 1000mi.
>With 15W50, it is more like 1qt. every 4000mi, which
>has been consistent since I got the car in '92.
>Synthetic oil is pretty robust, I think either weight
>would be fine, though track days at 100F might
>justify the heavier wieght.  I'd shy away from
>anything 0W-x for anything south of the arctic circle,
>but just my opinion.

whoa! don't follow that lead carter. 15w50 is WAY to think & heavy for this
engine, and more specifically, these turbos. *maybe*, if you operated the
car on the surface of the sun, it would be necessary.

bad move. bad. it's contrary to logic, and the dealers/manuafacturers


'01 S4

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