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Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 23 14:56:40 EDT 2002

--- "John M. Harrison" <JohnMH at uwyo.edu> wrote:
> I think the manual says 5-30 or 0-30.  I'll have to
> check again.  I've
> been using the Amsoil full synthetic 0-30.
> Reasoning per previous posts
> is that the heat transfer characteristics of the
> full synth oils are
> superior - important to cool the turbos, as well as
> the applicable ASTM
> wear ball test results.

With you 100% on the synth. vs. dinosaur base here,
it is the weight that is under debate.  The manuals
on older Audis also say 5W30, but tons of BTDT
with  engines running strong well past 100k, 200k,
even 300k suggest heavier weight is better for them.
I want my S4 to last that long too, and am interested
in doing the best I can to get there.  If someone
has facts explaining why newer Audi engines are
different, I would like to see it- in the interest
of longetivity of my car.

Matt Rooke
'91cq- modified, still slow
'00S4- stock, very fast

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