[BiturboS4] 10k service - OK

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 23 20:26:25 EDT 2002

><<I get better lubrication with the thicker oil.>>
>This is only true when the oil gets where it needs to be.  The requirement
>for easy flow characteristics is due to tight engine machining tolerances
>and small oil passageways that need significant flow to provide
>Our turbos have no bearings, they ride an a layer of oil.  If your oil is
>too thick to get to the turbos IMMEDIATELY upon startup (with high cold
>viscosities, it will take time to ooze through tiny passageways), for
>instance, you will damage the turbos.

thanks man, i didn't think i was crazy. I know i'm not a physicist,
engineer, or rocket scientist, but i like to think my brain functions on
some level.

heh.  ;)

'01 S4

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