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john sonty erhti at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 26 09:22:06 EDT 2002

Yes, but IMO, Audi did that b/c most here in the U.S. are
clueless in caring for their cars, eg., just start the darned
thing and drive like you stole it.  Yes, perhaps the oil lines
were designed 'ineffectively' but it also well could be that S4
owners were just plain getting on it too early, no?  Did the
early Euro S4 turbos/lines have the same issue??

My friend who has a NA engine in his car claims his intention is
to keep the car long-term, eg., ~10+ years. However, after cold
start-ups, he immediately gets on it every time (to redline
much, as well) and drives the car hard most of the time. When I
tell him that his car won't last 10 years driving like that
without proper warm-up, he debates that NA engines are
'different' than turbo-charged ones, etc..  Well, yes, they are
different but I tell him that the bottomline is that both
engines are working with 'cold' oil and that without proper
flow/lubrication, he is causing excess premature engine wear. Am
I wrong??

--- S Stiles <stiles_s at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Just following up on this thread w/one more bit of heresay:
> - we have notoriously bad flow to our turbos (this was
> redesigned in mid
> 2001, IIRC, but it's still not great
> - Audi went from 5w to 0w to improve initial flow of oil to
> turbos on
> startup
> I'm going out of my way on this car to use exactly what the
> manufacturer is
> recommending, and have switched to 0w on our 00.
> Scott
> '02S4Avant
> '00S4
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> >Subject: RE: [BiturboS4] 10k service - OK
> >Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 19:26:25 -0400
> >
> >><<I get better lubrication with the thicker oil.>>
> >>
> >>This is only true when the oil gets where it needs to be.
> The requirement
> >>for easy flow characteristics is due to tight engine
> machining tolerances
> >>and small oil passageways that need significant flow to
> provide
> >>lubrication.
> >>Our turbos have no bearings, they ride an a layer of oil.
> If your oil is
> >>too thick to get to the turbos IMMEDIATELY upon startup
> (with high cold
> >>viscosities, it will take time to ooze through tiny
> passageways), for
> >>instance, you will damage the turbos.
> >>
> >>--Chip
> >>
> >
> >thanks man, i didn't think i was crazy. I know i'm not a
> physicist,
> >engineer, or rocket scientist, but i like to think my brain
> functions on
> >some level.
> >
> >heh.  ;)
> >
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