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Amsoil also sells 0W40 synthetic. You can order directly from their website=
. I
put in an order today for their S200 0W30 synthetic today.  Hmm...maybe I
should try that Mobil 0W40.

One negative thing I heard about oils that have such wide spreads between t=
two numbers (i.e. 0W40 versus 10W30) is that they need lots of additives to
make the oil flow at each of those extreme numbers...and so there is actual=
less percent of actual oil in the mixture.  I even heard of "frothing" when=
guy in Europe opened his oil cap after driving on the autobahn for a couple=
hours with 5W40 synthetic.

Of course, this is all hearsay and so I will do some research today on the
internet (since the debate seems to be still open).  One thing about the 15=
that seems bad is that it won't flow as well during startup as the 0W* or 5=
Since a lot of engine wear occurs during startup, wouldn't you want the best
flowing oil at that temp?

Carter Fields - San Francisco
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stock (not for long!)

>From: "David Pramanik"
>To: "Walter J Green Jr" ,
>Subject: [BiturboS4] Mobil1 0w40
>Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 08:39:59 -0400
>If you didn't have an aversion to Audiworld, you would have learned that
>0w40 Mobil1 is now being sold at Autozone. :)
>I have 7 qts. sitting in my trunk waiting for my upcoming 30k service at
>the end of the week.
>-Dave Pramanik
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>indeed, if i could get 0w40 M1, I believe i would.
>seems rare tho, no?
> >From: MMaglocci at aol.com
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> >Subject: [BiturboS4] Re: BiturboS4 digest, Vol 1 #84 - 14 msgs
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> >
> >I've been watching the Mobil One viscosity debate over the last few days.
> >
> >Mobil 1 now has new super synthetic that is 0-W40 (European Car Formula).
> >Presumably that would solve the problem of potential oil starvation to
> >turbos
> >on start up and perhaps address the long term wear issue.
> >
> >Any comments.
> >
> >MJM
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