[BiturboS4] Extended Warranty?

adamschwartz at rcn.com adamschwartz at rcn.com
Mon Aug 26 16:19:06 EDT 2002

I got an extended warranty for my S4 from www.warrantybynet.com. It seemed to be the best bargain. I have
yet to use it, so we will see about how easy it is to use. I got a 6 year 60K mile warranty. It was about $2k, and
they let me pay 10 payments with no interest. And the warranty covers just about bumper to bumper with
exception of the obvious stuff, some suspension parts, exhaust and the O2 sensor.

My thought is that the likelihood of a few small things going wrong is high. If a power window breaks, that's $500.
If my alternator goes... how much is that... probably close to $500.... But the reality for me is that its an insurance
policy. If I have major engine problems, I am not going to want to shell out $8k to fix it. Another thought is that
this way my expenses stay the same... no surprises. if you know what I mean... Check em out.. I was even able
to bargain down the price a little.

I definitely think its worth getting.


> I just had my 40K service on my '01 S4 Tip, and as we know the Factory
> Warranty ends at 4 years or 50K miles. I now have 9K miles left.
> My questions to you all are -
> What are your feelings for buying an "Extended Warranty"?
> Have you bought one and if yes where & how much did you pay?
> I'm serious about this and value your opinions.
> Thanks for your help,
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