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Edwards, Dave Dave_Edwards at iOra.com
Thu Aug 29 15:26:46 EDT 2002

Maybe if US buyers and dealers had used the correct oil there wouldn't have
been so many turbo failures? A friend of mine bought a used S4 a year ago.
He recently found out that the servicing dealer had been using
semi-synthetic oil in it. Now it seems that the turbos are on the way out...

Take a look at your engines guys. These are very complicated and expensive
pieces of machinery. You may not like how Audi designed the cupholder, but
you gotta admit that they know how to design and build a damn fine engine
(OK except for the bad turbo oil-line design). So when they tell you to use
0w30 oil, you just dismiss them and say you know better eh?

And for you guys who have chipped your S4s. You now have stressed engines.
Your car is now in the same category as the RS4, S3 and 225 bhp TT (You have
the TT over there right?). Now for these cars Audi say (in Europe at least)
only use oil to VAG 503.01 or else we won't honour your warranty. Oils which
meet this are fully synthetic.

I know that cars are cheap in the US, but don't save a few $$$s by buying
cheap oil. Don't take Walter's advice - don't take the risk: Use fully
synthetic 0w30 (or 5w30 or 0w40 if that's all you can get) and change it



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flow characteristics m'man, flow characteristics.

sheeeeet, that 15w50 poop is/was darn near too thick for the VW VR6 i used
to have. our turbos need oil quickly, on start up, and while running cold.
am i wrong here guys?

most manufactuers have seasonal oil recommendations, no? winter lighter,
summer heavier, right? now, why is that? it's not because operating temps
once warmed vary that much. it's because cold start, and cold running temps
are different.


so my point is, different grades flow differently. and these different
grades are requied for different operating conditions.

based upon all of the above, as well as the manufaturers recommendation, and
common sense, 0w30 (or at the most 5w30) is the smart pick.

Use what you want, but use it at your own risk.

'01 S4

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