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Cody Payne Cody.Payne at bconnected.com
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Hey Darin,
	I bought a decent Vertical tank at HomeDepot for $300 bucks w/ some tools (Impact Wrench, 3/8 Socket, Chisel, Sprayer, 25' Hose)  Made by Husky (OEM'ed by someone else I am sure) Nice vertical tank takes up less space.  Of course it isn't as nice as the belt driven type which run about $100 bucks more and are quieter.  But works just great for me at up to 120 PSI w/ a 30 Gal Capacity.  Sears sells the same one (more or less) but I don't like the hose:



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Hi folks,

This isn't directly Audi related but I figured maybe some of you have
some BTDT experience and could give me some pointers.
I'm considered the purchase of an air compressor & tank as a Christmas
gift for my father.  The primary use will be for running air tools,
power washing, painting etc.  The usual household stuff.   What sort of
specs should I be looking for?  CFM / PSI / tank capacity?   It would be
nice to have something with enough grunt to handle some of those tricky
suspension bolts that just love to "seize up" here in the salted midwest.


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