[BiturboS4] RE: [s-cars] LAC: Help with garage air compressor purchase?

Linus Toy linust at mindspring.com
Tue Dec 3 14:51:00 EST 2002

At 01:41 PM 12/3/2002 , Cody Payne wrote:
>Hey Darin,
>         I bought a decent Vertical tank at HomeDepot for $300 bucks w/
> some tools (Impact Wrench, 3/8 Socket, Chisel, Sprayer, 25' Hose)  Made
> by Husky (OEM'ed by someone else I am sure) Nice vertical tank takes up
> less space.  Of course it isn't as nice as the belt driven type which run
> about $100 bucks more and are quieter.  But works just great for me at up
> to 120 PSI w/ a 30 Gal Capacity.  Sears sells the same one (more or less)
> but I don't like the hose:

Yes, the vertical tank compressors are the way to go--takes up much less
room in the garage, though some risk being a bit tippier.  I bought the
Sears unit (link above--$260 or so last fall), 'though the freebie kit it
came with didn't have the impact wrench or ratchet--that's OK--this year's
stocking is supposed to have a IR 2131 and 1107 in it :)  The
tank/compressor is made by DeVilbiss Air Products for Sears.  Of note with
this unit is it is rated to operate at up to 150 psi, compared to the
standard 120-130 psi.  May not sound like a major difference, but it is
significant, because the compressor cycles back on around 80 psi or
so--IOW, your range is from 150 > 80 vs. 120 > 80.

on your "seized" bolts:  Hit them with a good penetrant like liquid wrench
or P*Blaster  for a few days in a row before you start your project.  With
a good impact wrench (see the IR 2131 above), you can do some serious
damage on corroded parts.

Not sure what you're thinking for power washing, but for household
painting, go talk w/ a few painters--I haven't seen them use compressed air
sprayers for awhile--lot of overspray vs. the high pressure airless sprayers.

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