[BiturboS4] Installed boost gauge

California Fields cfields72 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 10 11:07:53 EST 2002

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Just installed an A-pillar boost gauge this weekend (A-pillar pod from Supreme
Power Parts, 52mm VDO gauge - soon to upgrade to Omori). It was pretty easy.
Looks nice.

It's interesting that the car doesn't generate any boost under most driving
conditions (i.e. around town). Even under moderate throttle, I rarely get into
postitive boost.  I would have thought differently because I hear the turbo
whistle and stuff under nearly all acceleration conditions.

I have the GIAC-X chip and I was trying to see what the maximum boost would
get to. It was kinda hard to make a notation while I'm under full throttle ;),
and the meter doesn't ahve a peak/hold button, but when I glanced over after
being pinned to my seat, it seemed that I got spikes to about 17psi but would
hold at about 15 psi.  So, that sounds about right (1.2 bar spikes and 1.0 bar
average). The gauge doesn't seem entirely precise and so I will be upgrading
to an Omori meter soon.

Carter Fields, San Francisco
Miltek 3" cat-back
Strat. shifter
Strat. HyperBoost DVs

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