[BiturboS4] Installed boost gauge

Ian McCloghrie ian at codrus.com
Tue Dec 10 13:51:05 EST 2002

On Dec 10, 2002 Michael Kuriger wrote:
> yea, the turbos spool up a little bit under moderate accelleration but
> the BOV's are open so the boost is vented until you really lay into it.
>  you can build up boost in low gears with the brakes on to see your max
> boost.  the motor may overpower the brakes though at 17 psi :-P

Not too surprising.  With lots of boost in the manifold there's no
vacuum for the brake booster, so once you use up the vacuum in the
reservoir you're down to whatever pressure you can generate with your
foot.  So you just have to push harder. :)

The brakes are capable of generating way more torque than the motor
is.  After all, you can lock all four wheels with the pedal pretty
easily (or at least you could if the ABS were disabled), but can you
spin all four of them with the motor?  Maybe in 1st with a chip and
K04s, but you certainly can't do that stock.


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