[BiturboS4] headlight washer pump leak!

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 17 13:19:47 EST 2002

>I've been reading all the complaints about the headlight washer
>pump springing a leak in the past, and it has finally striken mine
>too.  The dreaded auto check *beep* and then the little animated
>washer fluid symbol comes on.  I knew it!  Silly me, I tried to
>convince myself otherwise and went to fill the fluid reservoir,
>only to see a stream come out under my front bumper.  Heh!
>I was thinking just the other day how my S4 has been so utterly
>flawless over my two years of ownership, and I must have tickled
>the Audi Gods...
>Time to call the dealer.
>To appease the Audi Gods, I am upgrading to European HID headlight
>housings.  Hope that works! :-)

yep, happened to me on a long trip (of course) and at night
(bouble-of-course). woke the wife up with the buzzer. "what's that sound.
don't wake the kids"...   great.

legend has it, that you can avoid leak by only using the washer fluid thingy
when the lights are OFF. the leak seems to occur when the head light washers
are activated, which, is only when the headlights are on.
'01 S4

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