[BiturboS4] Clutch slip - am I screwed?

Adam Schwartz adamschwartz at rcn.com
Tue Dec 17 23:39:26 EST 2002

Thanks to all for the comments.

Interestingly, my oil level is high. So I guess, too much oil could
cause higher pressure and it COULD be spitting some out. I haven't
driven the car for the last 2 days... Driving my 911... got some nice
weather, but it goes into storage tomorrow.

Anyhow.. I also have noticed that when I switch my APR back to stock
mode, it doesn't seem to slip anymore. Its too soon to say for sure.
Doesn't really mean anything, but I guess it MIGHT mean its less
likely to be oil and more likely to be the clutch starting to get
weak. My dealer who changed the oil last was Pass N Weiss just about
a month ago (was... dont plan to go to them ever again. They SUCK!) I
guess I should try and get my oil level to a 'normal' range.

Looking into the RS4 Clutch plate and pressure plate. Any comments on
that? And I am thinking about a lighter flywheel, but I dont think
its really needed. For the cash... I would probably pass.

I will go to an independent shop. Accell Auto in Waltham MA. Good
shop... Anyone have an idea what I should expect to pay for a clutch
job? I assume about $1k?



>adamschwartz at rcn.com wrote:
>>If this is true.. then it could be good news. I have an after
>>market warranty! They would not replace a clutch.. but they would
>>replace a main seal....
>>Ugh.. The horror....
>Interesting.  The only bad part is that you often have to pull it
>all apart before verifying that it is a leaking rear main seal as it
>won't always leave puddles under your car.  A bit of a gamble if
>you're hoping to have your warranty cover the repair.
>Start saving and plan for the worst and hope you get lucky I guess.  :-)

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