[BiturboS4] OT for BT - new S4 and S4 Avant announced

dano dano at well.com
Thu Dec 19 20:01:45 EST 2002

I'm having an ongoing email discussion with a nice lady at Audi PR
regarding this model *still* not being on the AudiUSA website.  Real
Soon Now(R).

And only 2.5 weeks until LA Intl Auto Show, where it's likely to be premiered.

At 7:10 AM -0800 on 12/18/02, dano wrote:
>I just received email from Audi announcing the new S4 and Avant (see
>below) - but the web links are dead and navigating around in the site
>shows nothing.  Argh!
>I'm not usually one for immediate gratification and xmas anticipation
>holds nothing for me either, but I've been waiting for this car
>and...ARGH!!   ;-)
>Anybody have a live link for it, either US or Europe?
>The 2004 Audi S4 Sedan and Avant
>Audi proudly introduces a tandem of new S4s. S, of course, stands for
>Sport--and emphatically so. Equipped with a newly designed 4.2-liter,
>V8 engine pumping out 340 horsepower, the six-speed manual or
>six-speed Tiptronic(R) automatic S4 delivers without hesitation.
>Factor in road-gripping quattro(R) all-wheel drive, standard xenon
>headlights, and 18" Avus wheels, and the new S4 offers a superior
>ride in all conditions. Available in North America in Summer, 2003.
>Register to learn more about the 2004 S4 in My Audi

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