[BiturboS4] Clutch slip - am I screwed?

adamschwartz at rcn.com adamschwartz at rcn.com
Fri Dec 20 16:49:14 EST 2002

The car is going over to Shine (http://www.srsvw.com/) a week
from this Monday. They will check it out for me, and yea,
they actually said your AWE is the best kit for me. Doesnt it
use the RS4 clutch? Is it the RS4 flywheel and pressure plate
too? I had been looking at straight RS4 clutch, pressure
plate and flywheel, but wanted to find out if it was direct
bolt on.

Still taking it easy, in NO chip mode. It doesnt slip at all
like that.

Maybe I will get lucky! Then again... An RS4 setup would be
cool too.

Exhaust is next. ;-/


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