[BiturboS4] Another problem...

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Dec 20 20:08:11 EST 2002

Hehe, I guess the Audi gods are getting impatient while I wait for
the arrival of my Euro HID housings.  I knew I had about a quarter
tank of fuel left, but the low fuel warning came on and the gauge
read empty (and was doing a weird bouncy motion near the empty mark
for a while).

I went to fill up just to verify, and sure enough I could only put
11 gallons in there.  With a full tank now, the gauge read only about
3/4 full.  After driving a couple of miles, it slowly inched its way
up to about 7/8 full.

Searching the Audiworld forums, it would appear that I am experiencing
yet another common malady.  Das fuel sender ist kaput.

So now the dealer will have two things to fix on my car:  The fuel sender
and the headlight washer pump.

I hope that the replacement parts are of improved quality...

2003 A4 1.8T multitronic
2001 S4 biturbo 6-sp
1984 5000S turbo
1980 4000 2.0 5-sp
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