[BiturboS4] Clutch slip - am I screwed?

Todd Sager todd at awe-tuning.com
Sat Dec 21 13:22:48 EST 2002

adamschwartz at rcn.com wrote:
> The car is going over to Shine (http://www.srsvw.com/) a week
> from this Monday. They will check it out for me, and yea,
> they actually said your AWE is the best kit for me. Doesnt it
> use the RS4 clutch?

Yes, RS4 clutch disc (which is the same part number for the S4).

> Is it the RS4 flywheel and pressure plate

We use an RS4 pressure plate.

We produce a lightweight flywheel, which is different from the RS4
unit.  The RS4 unit is very similar to the S4's, which is heavy.  The
lightweight unit provides quicker throttle response, especially when
heel and toeing.  It is recommended to drivers looking to maximize
engine response, or if they are in need of a flywheel due to wear on
their original one.

>wanted to find out if it was direct
> bolt on.

Yes, no modifications required.

> Still taking it easy, in NO chip mode. It doesnt slip at all
> like that.

Less power means less stress on the clutch, but what fun is less power?

> Maybe I will get lucky! Then again... An RS4 setup would be
> cool too.

The RS4 unit is more suited to dealing long term with the low end grunt
that most chips produce.

> Exhaust is next. ;-/

There is shared labor between doing a clutch and exhaust, so you may
want to consider doing both at the same time to save money on labor!

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