[BiturboS4] OT for BT - new S4 and S4 Avant announced

Kjos' fastwheels3 at attbi.com
Sun Dec 22 10:48:21 EST 2002

I offer some facts I have read in The Roundel (BMW's monthly pub):

1. SMG II equipped cars ALWAYS outperform 6-speeds.
2. SMG II equipped cars are easier on driveline components, thus creating a
more reliable car.

That's why BMW (and probably Audi too) will EXCLUSIVELY use SMG in the
future instead of 6-speed manuals. Times are a changing. The regular
automatic trannys will also be used as they a cheaper to build and satisfy
most drivers.

John Kjos

> > P.P.S. If the only option is a automatic (i.e. SMG and the RS6 paddles
> > then discuss nothing; I won't buy it (and that's why I won't consider an
> Since the B6 S4 is available with a 6-speed manual, I would expect that
> the new RS4 would also be.  I think that a manual transmission must be
> offered, given the demographics of a likely S4/RS4 buyer.  This is
> a bit unlike the S6/RS6.  Otherwise Audi would really be missing the boat.
> Pure speculation on my part, though.

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